Health and Safety Policy

School Health and Safety Policy


The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 place a legal duty on employers to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work.

KORU will strive to ensure the provision of a working environment that is safe for both students and staff so that learning opportunities are enhanced in a way that is conducive and safe for all, but reflects the needs and constraints faced. For the purposes of this policy “students” refers to all the children and young people accessing KORU Independent AP Academy.

KORU Independent AP Academy aims to:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and staff of KORU Independent AP Academy through liaison with Havering health and safety team.
  • Provide stimulating educational opportunities for students with regard to Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Establish and maintain safe and effective working procedures for all KORU Independent AP Academy premises.
  • Ensure that workload and stress factors are taken into account.
  • Make arrangements for ensuring health and safety in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances where appropriate.
  • Ensure all employees have access to health and safety training as appropriate or as and when provided. Both the Headteacher and Facilities Manager have both undertaken the appropriate training.
  • Maintain all areas under the control of the Governing Body and Head teacher in a condition that is safe and without risk to health. The policy will therefore have to take into consideration the effects of the physical environments in which the delivery of education is sited.
  • Formulate effective procedures for use in case of fire and for evacuating the school premises.
  • Set procedures to be followed in case of accident.
  • Teach safety as part of students' curriculum where appropriate.

Guidelines for Governance and the Governing Body

  • The Governing Body will nominate a Governing Body member with responsibility for Health and Safety. The nominee will ensure that the policy is reviewed and that major Health and Safety issues are handled correctly. The named Governor is Tony Close.
  • The KORU Independent AP Academy will nominate a member of staff to act as Health and Safety Officer. This is Andy Flack our Facilities Manager.
  • All members of staff will be made aware of the guidelines regarding Health and Safety and asked to familiarise themselves with those areas that directly concern their working environment and practices.

The Governing Body will:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Health and Safety policy and the safe working practices described within it and shall revise and amend it, as necessary, on a regular basis
  • Formulate emergency evacuation procedures for the site at 90 Taunton Road, Harold hill, Romford, RM3 7SU.
  • Make arrangements for the implementation of the LA accident reporting procedure.
  • Ensure that regular safety inspections are undertaken.

N.B. The Governing Body will deal with all aspects of maintenance which are under their control and report any other situation identified as being unsafe or hazardous and which cannot be remedied within the financial resources available to them.  They will also identify any member of staff having direct responsibility for particular safety matters. Such delegated responsibility must be defined as appropriate.

The Head teacher

The Head Teacher is responsible for all Health & safety matters in school. The delivery of this responsibility can be delegated to the Deputy Head teacher and Senior Managers.


All members of staff are responsible for the health and safety arrangements in relation to staff, students, students and volunteer helpers under their supervision. In particular, they will monitor their own work activities and take all reasonable steps to:

  • Exercise effective supervision over all those for whom they are responsible, including students.
  • Be aware of and implement safe working practices and to set a good example personally, identify actual and potential hazards and report them to the Health & Safety Officer.
  • Ensure that any equipment or tools used are appropriate to that use and meet accepted safety standards.
  • Evaluate health and safety arrangements.
  • Provide the opportunity for discussion of health and safety arrangements.
  • Provide for adequate instruction, information and training in safe working methods.
  • Where private vehicles are used to transport children to and from school, visits and functions, staff should ensure that child restraints and seats appropriate to the age of the children concerned are used and they have the relevant insurance.
  • All staff must keep the KORU Independent AP Academy office informed at all times during the working day of their whereabouts.
  • If a trip or visit is organised then a risk assessment must be undertaken by the staff undertaking the visit and have this verified and signed by SLT before the trip or visit can be held.
  • NO trips or visits can be undertaken without a risk assessment or on an impromptu basis.
  • All KORU Independent AP Academy staff will require Enhanced DBS Clearance and will be employed under our Safer Recruitment Policy.
  • All new members of staff undertake a rigorous induction process and are made aware of all Health and Safety procedures that will affect their working practices which include daily routines.


If the concern relates to risk to the health of a student, KORU Independent AP Academy staff must consult the medical staff of that child and take direction from the KORU Independent AP Academy named person and first aider.

Students will:

  • Exercise personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and their fellow students and all members of staff.
  • Observe standards of dress consistent with safety and/or hygiene (this would preclude unsuitable footwear, carrying knives and other items considered dangerous).
  • Observe all the safety rules of KORU Independent AP Academy and in particular the instructions of the teaching staff in the event of an emergency.
  • Use and not wilfully misuse, neglect or interfere with items provided for safety purposes.


Student’s parents, families or carers are expected to support the school in any health and safety matters.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Accidents and Incident Reporting:

  • Any student complaining of illness or who has been injured should be seen by the qualified first aider on site.
  • Parents should be informed of all first aid treatment given by any qualified member

of KORU Independent AP Academy staff who administered the first aid.

  • KORU Independent AP Academy staff who are qualified first aiders and involved in treating children who are ill or have been injured must wear protective gloves and clean away any spilled body fluids using bleach.
  • Administrative staff should log on the MIS system for employees and students

who sustain an injury on the premises. For visitors any accidents/injuries should be logged in our accident book.  The book can be obtained from the KORU Independent AP Academy office. An injured member of staff should not continue to work if there is any possibility that further medical treatment is needed and should seek medical advice without delay.

  • More serious accidents or incidents of violence are recorded on ‘Serious accident/incident’ forms obtainable from the KORU Independent AP Academy office or the staff shared area.
  • At KORU Independent AP Academy, parents are contacted if there are any doubts over the health or welfare of a student who has become ill or been injured.
  • At KORU Independent AP Academy, in the event of a serious incident an ambulance may be called and a member of staff would accompany the student to hospital. Parents will be contacted and asked to go immediately to the hospital. It may be more appropriate to transport a student to hospital without using an ambulance. This should be on a voluntary basis. In such cases staff should ensure they have specific cover from their insurance company.
  • If staff are concerned about the well-being of an injured or unwell student they should contact the qualified first aider immediately.
  • In the event of fatal or serious injury, and where KORU Independent AP Academy staff are in charge of the situation, nothing at the site of the accident must be moved, except for helping the injured, until a thorough examination has been carried out. Photographs of the area will be taken as an original note.
  • Parents/guardians or next of kin must be contacted as soon as possible.

Administration of Medicines:

At KORU Independent AP Academy medication can only be administered by staff if a doctor has prescribed it and the medication form has been completed by parents or carers. No medicine should be accepted from a student. Students who use inhalers for asthma should keep their inhaler with them at all times; they should also have a spare (labelled) inhaler in the Office.


KORU Independent AP Academy building at 90 Taunton Road was refurbished in 2009 and all work meets current building regulations. There is an up-to-date asbestos register that is made available to all visiting workmen as per the Contractors Policy.

Car Seat regulations for the transporting of students:

Regulations governing the use of child car seats come into force on Monday 18 September 2006. Under the new laws, children under 12 years old AND under 135 cms in height need to use an appropriate child restraint such as a child seat or booster cushion where seatbelts are fitted in cars. Three exemptions allow children 3

years to 135 cms in height to travel in the rear and use an adult seat belt:

  • In a licensed taxi/private hire vehicle, if the right child restraint is not available; or
  • For unexpected necessity over a short distance, if the right child restraint is not available; or
  • Where two occupied child seats in the rear prevent the fitment of a third child seat. Further detailed information on the regulations can be found on the Department for Transport Think! Website at

Cancellation of activities:

Where activities need to be cancelled, students at KORU Independent AP Academy, parents need to be informed as soon as is known and possible, making alternative arrangements for school transport or staff returning students home as appropriate. 

Child protection:

KORU Independent AP Academy has a separate ‘safeguarding policy’ which is up-dated annually and in line with current legislation.

Critical Incident Policy:

KORU Independent AP Academy has is a separate Critical Incident policy.

Driving on KORU Independent AP Academy business:

All KORU Independent AP Academy staff will at times drive on work business, prior to any member of staff taking on this responsibility KORU will require each member of staff to produce their insurance documents and provide proof of ‘Business Use’ cover on their car insurance. It is the responsibility of each individual member of staff to maintain their own vehicles and be responsible for their own driving while out on such business. Members of staff are eligible to claim mileage beyond the first and last journey of the day.


Any defects or damage should be reported immediately, and the equipment must be taken out of use whilst awaiting repair or replacement as necessary.


  • All Fire Marshalls must attend Fire Safety courses and a record of their attendance sent to the KORU Independent AP Academy Office Manager.
  • All staff should make themselves and their students familiar with the positions of fire alarms, exits and muster points.
  • Practice evacuations will be supported by all KORU Independent AP Academy staff at the site at the time. Practice evacuations will be held each half term and the time of these practices will be determined by the fire officer. The school fire safety evacuation procedures will be followed. These evacuations will be logged with the Facilities Manager.
  • A copy of the evacuation procedures in the case of a fire must be displayed in all school rooms and public spaces and students and visitor’s attention should be drawn to the plans.
  • Upon exit of a building following a fire evacuation, all staff must register those in their care at the time and ensure their safety as far as is practicably possible until either there is a return into the building or parents or other responsible adults take charge.

On hearing the alarm: 

  • Office staff take the register and signing in sheet as you exit.
  • Check that the working area is clear and close door.
  • Remember to check for students in toilets, canteen, quiet rooms and as you leave the building.
  • Escort those in your care at the time out of the building to the designated assembly point.



  • Operate the Fire Alarm.
  • Evacuate the building in an orderly fashion with those you are responsible for at the time, from the nearest fire exit.
  • Remember to check for students in toilets, canteen and quiet rooms as you leave the building.
  • Notify the Head Teacher and managers

First Aid:

There are named persons who are qualified to administer first aid to casualties. The responsibilities of appointed persons are:

  • To take charge in the situation where personal injury or illness has occurred and where further medical help is needed.
  • To ensure that the first aid boxes/cupboards are fully stocked with designated items only. In the case of serious injury, responsibility of the appointed person ends when the patient is handed over to medical care or parent/guardian.

At KORU Independent AP Academy all staff are first aiders, however, there is one designated named First Aider, Jamie Thomas and their name is displayed in all the public areas of the premises.

Graffiti and removal of litter:

The Facilities Manager is responsible for this task.

Hazardous substances:

All harmful substances should be locked away in a cupboard designed for this purpose.

Head Lice:

If a child contracts head lice, at KORU Independent AP Academy all parents will receive advice.

Hot Drinks:

At KORU Independent AP Academy staff and students are all entitled to hot drinks and are requested to take care when moving around the school rooms.  Thermos flasks with lids have been provided and can be found in the kitchen.

Internet access:

KORU Independent AP Academy has a separate policy relating to the safe use of the Internet.

Manual Handling: 

Members of staff are expected to use their professional judgement when lifting anything and seek assistance unless they are confident that the item to be lifted is well within their capacity to lift.

Members of staff who are expected to lift or move or to routinely lift and carry objects must attend manual handling training and follow the advice they are given at such training.

Occupational health and work related stress:

There is no simple way of predicting what will cause harmful levels of stress. People respond to different types of pressure in different ways. We are committed to reducing the impact of workplace stress. Please see the separate “Stress Management” policy.

On Site Vehicle Movements

At KORU Independent AP Academy staff on site vehicular access is permitted to the designated car park. The car park is clearly marked. 


Premises and Property

  • All staff members are to report any issues or identify any potential hazards regarding Health and Safety to the Facilities Manager who will arrange for the issue to be dealt with.
  • All electrical goods must be checked by a qualified person, it is the responsibility of SLT to ensure they contact this body in order for this procedure to be carried out.

Risk Assessment and maintenance of the premises and equipment:

Risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis. The purpose of the risk assessment is to determine what measures to take in order to establish safe systems of work and to comply with health and safety legislation.

Union health and safety representatives are welcomed into school to carry out checks. Any concerns about health and safety should be reported immediately to the Head teacher or a senior member of the staff. Inspections of the KORU Independent AP Academy building and premises take place each week by the staff responsible on site and any health and safety issues are dealt with immediately. 

This school completes risk assessments in the following areas:

  • Identified areas of the school and outdoor area e.g. security access doors, steps, toilets etc
  • New and expectant mothers
  • School visits
  • Craft/design and technology equipment
  • Manual handling assessments for staff who have to move heavy/ awkward loads.
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Display Screen equipment assessments
  • Control of substances hazardous to health assessments
  • Lone working
  • Any work experience placements we may have
  • Contractors working on-site
  • Violence to staff
  • Ball games
  • Security
  • Electrical equipment and the checking of this

Safety of students

It is the responsibility of each teacher to ensure that all curriculum activities are safe. If a teacher does have any concerns about student safety, they should draw them to the attention of the head teacher before the activity takes place. Students taken off site at KORU Independent AP Academy are taken off site with the prior permission of their parents, families or carers. Children should not be left unsupervised in a classroom.

Safety of maintenance equipment

KORU Independent AP Academy ask that any contractors operating in the school or on the premises confirm the completion of the testing/ maintenance of Electrical equipment not the property of KORU Independent AP Academy KORU Independent AP Academy inspects and tests on a regular basis.

Other checks in place:

  • Heating equipment and systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Mains electricity systems
  • Electrical equipment on a regular basis.

School Curriculum

Health and safety is taught in the context of the curriculum through discussion, the completion of activities and tasks. The curriculum is designed to promote students’ academic, spiritual, cultural and physical wellbeing and to equip students with the life skills and knowledge and understanding to enable them to live positive, successful

and healthy lives. We teach students respect for their bodies, and how to look after them-selves. Our school also promotes the spiritual growth and welfare of the children. Concerns are handled sensitively.

School Trips:

All KORU Independent AP Academy out of school visits must not take place unless a risk assessment has been taken made. Risk assessment forms should be used for this and should be given to the head teacher on completion. For visits that are deemed ‘adventurous’ the school will follow the centres guidelines and instructions.

Users of Display screen equipment (DSE)

  • Assess your DSE workstation, after receiving display screen equipment training.
  • Take breaks from using the DSE by carrying out other tasks. If this is not possible and following discussions with your line manager, take planned work breaks for a minimum of 5 minutes every hour or a minimum of 10 minutes every two hours.
  • Promptly report any health concerns, which you feel, may be linked to the use of DSE to your line manager.

Violence to Staff

The Governing Body are concerned about the possibility of staff being subjected to violence of any kind whilst working for KORU Independent AP Academy. Any member of staff is subjected to aggression while working for KORU Independent AP Academy must inform the Head teacher immediately.

In such cases:

  • Members of staff are asked to keep written records of such episodes.
  • An accident report form should be completed.
  • Appropriate steps will be taken by the Head teacher to deal with such a situation.
  • The head teacher will report on any incidents to the Governing Body.

As necessary, the Governing Body and Local Authority will be informed and involved at the time or in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Should any incident involve physical violence against a teacher, we will report this to the Health and Safety Executive and support the teacher in question if he or she wishes the matter to be reported to the police.


Regular visitors and other users of the premises of KORU Independent AP Academy (e.g. contractors and delivery men) are expected, as far as reasonably possible, to observe the safety rules of the school and wear a visitors badge. All visitors are expected to both sign in on arrival and sign out of the premises when leaving regardless of the duration or purpose of the visit. Visitors working with both the staff and students of KORU Independent AP Academy are required to wear a KORU Independent AP Academy visitor badge and if they have a council photo ID badge this should also be worn. When Contractors arrive on site to commence work the following Safe Systems of Work will be followed:

  • All staff will be informed of the works being carried out and any areas that are likely to be affected and the duration and timing of the works will be discussed.
  • Any changes to the job will be discussed with the Head teacher or representative,

and any changes affecting timing, or Health and Safety be looked at and action

taken where necessary.

  • All contractors working on site or sub-contractors are familiar with our Health and

Safety Policy and are aware of any local safety rules.

  • All Contractors must sign in and out.
  • Contractors’ performance will be monitored during the works and appropriate action taken when necessary including stopping activities until satisfactory health and safety practices are in place.

Electric Gates

Gates have been installed on all the vehicular and pedestrian access points, in compliance with OFSTED guidelines.  The gates can be controlled by the following means:

  1. Push button keypad (codes are not given to students, parents or visitors).
  2. Remote key fob (not pedestrian gate).
  3. Push to exit buttons on all the vehicular and pedestrian gates.

In the event of a power cut the vehicular gates can be manually opened and the pedestrian gate will default to unlocked.

A checklist has been compiled and disseminated to the relevant parties of the actions to do in respect of a power cut or gate failure.

Working in smoke free premises

  • KORU Independent AP Academy operates from a smoke free environment. Smoking is not permitted in any form on any part of the KORU Independent AP Academy premises or grounds.

Monitoring and review

  • The head teacher implements the school health, safety and welfare policy on a day-to-day basis, and ensures that all staff are aware of the details of the policy as it applies to them.
  • The head teacher reports to the Governing Body annually on health and safety issues.
  • This policy will be reviewed at any time at the request of the Governing Body, or at least once every two years.