Exams Analysis

A message from the Head Teacher

All the staff at KORU AP Academy are proud of our Year 11 leavers who have achieved some excellent results in their GCSE (or equivalent) exams this year.  We wish all our Year 11 leavers the very best for the future as they move on to college and apprenticeships.

Results 2018/19

Students on roll 28 Increase
GCSE Maths entries 9 32% =
GCSE English entries 10 36% 4%
Functional skills Maths 20 71% 44%
Functional skills English 20 71% 29%
English and Maths 4+ 4 14% 14%
English and Maths 1+ 27 96% 70%

Results 2017/18

Students on roll 19
GCSE Maths entries 6 32%
GCSE English entries 6 32%
Functional skills Maths 7 37%
Functional skills English 8 42%
English and Maths 4+ 0 0%
English and Maths 1+ 5 26%

Destinations information for Year 11 leavers in 2019

89% of students (25/28) have been offered an educational, employment or work with training place for September.

Students at Koru Independent Academy sat more exams than ever before with a huge increase in those achieving a level 1 in Maths and English. This is down to the Academy recognising the anxieties brought on by paper based exams and moving its Functional skills assessments online.

There were increases in both entries and grades across Functional Kkills and GCSE Maths and English.

*Provisional data published in October and revised in January